Conditions Codes


Condition codes (sometimes referred to as Award Conditions) are a type of flag which may be attached to an Award or Project to indicate restrictions or conditions which may be applicable. GUS provides for alerting in several project areas (Project management, Purchasing and Personnel).


What are condition codes?

The Office of Research (OR) publishes a set of condition codes from their orbit database. Accordingly, the GUS office publishes a text file which contains the OR condition codes in a format that can be imported into GUS. The import operation is idempotent: meaning that importing the same file repeatedly will make no change to the database.

An OR condition code is generally a numeric value (sometimes with an accompanying letter) classified by category and including a short description. GUS allows award conditions to be up to 6 characters in length. It is often the case that custom condition codes will need to be created in order to better comply to the award stipulations. In such a case, GUS allows for a Department (or ORU) to define their own conditions.


For example a particular grant could have specific personnel limitations. The ORU may want to create a condition code PR with a description stating that “Changes in Senior Personnel, or their % time, require prior approval.”. Checking the Alert Personnel box would display an alert in the Personnel screens that display a distribution that is being funded by the restricted project.


Importing condition codes

Any GUS user with access to the budget area can import the condition codes from OR.

  1. Save the OR condition codes file to your computer.
  2. Open GUS and navigate to the “Award Condition Codes” menu item (which is located under the “Project” menu)
  3. With the ‘Award Condition Codes’ window open and selected, choose the new menu item under utilities: ‘import award conditions’
  4. Select the file that was downloaded in step 1. A screen showing the condition codes should appear. Choose “Import”.
  5. Let us know if you see any errors. We are happy to help.