GUS contacts

General questions and support

Email ext dept 5219 ETS

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee manages the GUS project and provides oversight to the direction of the project.

Name ext dept
Giulia Brofferio 4920 TMP
Claudia Diaz 5394 ISBE
Lauren Ferguson 2955 MATH
Tahna Hekhuis 8727 IHC
Jane Kittle (co-chair) 3488 OR
Alycia Lewis 4971 GEOG
Mike Moore 7702 ECE
Lynne Pritchard (co-chair) 2857 PSYC
Cecilia Sousa (co-chair) 3488 INEE
Kathy Scheidemen (co-chair) 7615 ERI

GUS Mentors

GUS mentors are seasoned GUS users who have offered to assist other GUS users in managing their own accounts through GUS.

Name ext dept
Giulia Brofferio 4920 TMP
Mike Moore 3939 ECE
Debjani Bhattacharya 2578 ERI
Kathy Scheidemen 7615 ERI

GUS Users Mailing List

The GUS Users mailing list is a mailing list used to communicate general announcements about upcoming GUS releases and version updates, including information about added features. This list is also open to subscribers so that they could talk to other subscribers about GUS. The list is intended to share knowledge about GUS best practices, tips & tricks, and general business process. Additionally, we plan to announce some upcoming GUS training sessions through this mailing list.

If you are using GUS, we highly recommend that you join our mailing list and we actively encourage participation.

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