Contracts and Grants

The Contracts and Grants (C&G) module provides a means to manage and track extramural funding proposals and awards. It can provide Current and Pending Support reports for individual PIs, listing Proposals and Awards submitted through your department (those submitted or received through another department will not be reflected). It produces summary reports describing proposal and award-related activity. These reports have been optimized to support the Annual Report requirements placed upon Organized Research Units (ORUs) by the Office of Research. Additionally, GUS allows for display of awards and abstracts on the web.

The C&G module is also integrated with the basic GUS Budget module to facilitate creating and managing Projects which are associated with extramural awards.

Typical Workflow

One or more PIs will submit one (or more) proposals to do some work for a funding agency. If the proposal is accepted, it can then become an award. The appropriate award information is filled out and then the award becomes one (or more) project(s). Projects are the main entity in GUS. When a PI is about to submit a new proposal, the funding agency will often request a report of the PI’s current and pending projects.

C & G Components


An award is essentially an awarded proposal. Awarded proposals generally become one or more projects.


Funding Agencies

Funding agencies are the entity that provides funds for an awarded proposal.



A document (or set of documents) that outlines the specifics of an proposed investigation. Research proposals can be documented in GUS. One advantage of keeping track of proposals within GUS is that they are searchable:


Another advantage of keeping track of proposals in GUS is that an awarded proposal can automatically create an award record.

Matching Funds


Matching sources



Sub agreements could be considered another name for what might otherwise be referred to as a ‘sub-contract’. The sub-agreements screen will only display data, the entry/edit of sub agreements is done on the Proposal or Award screen. subagreements


The C&G Reports screen can generate both PI and Department specific reports.


The reports will show up in the editor window with the intention of being copy/pasted into the editor of your choice.