Welcome to GUS


The current release of GUS is available on the download page. The first draft of importing the UCPath labor ledger is available in this version as well as a new iteration of assisted payroll reconciliation.

GUS is a custom database system for managing and maintaining funding source, purchasing, lien, and other essential financial information for many departments and research organizations across the UCSB campus.

Managing intramural as well as extramural funding, expense tracking and reconciliation can be very tedious and time consuming. The primary goal of the GUS development team is to simplify these complex and detailed operations while minimizing errors and reducing the frustrations normally associated with these essential tasks.

Since it’s inception in 1998, the system’s user base has grown from a single research organization to over 50 various units campus-wide.

The five major modules within GUS are:

  • Budget - provide insight into the core of how GUS helps with financial management (based on the idea of management by Projects)
  • Contracts and Grants is the starting point for many of the funds that are managed by organizational research units
  • Personnel - payroll and payroll projections
  • Recharges - tracks and manages departmental recharges and generates the Financial Journal
  • Purchasing - on the web or using the equipment module from the 4D client

GUS is intended to improve data access, ease data entry, reduce duplicated data entry and data entry errors and provide automated assistance for common functions:

Thinking about GUS?

The GUS Executive Committee receives inquiries from departments/units that are interested in adopting GUS.

There are many things to think about as you contemplate switching to GUS. As a manager, you need to do considerable advanced planning to determine whether GUS is right for your unit. For example, GUS is project-code driven. If you do not currently track your finances this way, this is a major change. Is your unit research-intensive? Do you have a staff member who used GUS in a previous position that you consider a “power” user?