Payroll Reconciliation


There are two methods of payroll reconciliation available: post/reconcile and assisted reconciliation.


Since UCPath, you can only import the labor ledger into GUS from the Import Direct from Data Warehouse method (available at the bottom of the assisted reconciliation screen).


This approach was the standard prior to creation of the Assisted Reconciliation tool. Using a print out of the Department payroll ledger, a departmental staff member would navigate to the Payroll Post/Reconcile screen in GUS and:

  1. Enter a ledger date & project code
  2. Select an employee
  3. Select the corresponding payroll line
  4. Scan the entire record and make corrections where numbers differ
  5. Correct any boxes that are outlined in red
  6. Mark it as ‘Reconciled’ if the records match, and press ‘Save’
  7. Repeat for all records on the payroll ledger


Assisted Reconciliation


Within the assisted reconciliation window there is now only one method for importing your departments payroll GL information. It is available under the ‘Import Options’ menu at the bottom of the screen:


Import direct from Data Warehouse

This option requires a privileged (Hyperion) account.

  • Select the Direct option under the ‘Import Options’ drop-down
  • Enter the ledger date, your Hyperion ID and password then click import
  • You are now ready to reconcile in the Assisted Reconciliation screen.


If you have problems logging in, you can reset your own Hyperion password: or contact data warehouse.