Split Funding

In purchasing, there are various scenarios when there is a need to have more than one funding source. In such cases the use of split funding may be appropriate.

A split order is one which is being paid for by more than one funding source. A funding source is a unique combination of Project, Sub, Type and Object Code. The process for establishing the split fund will look different depending on how the vendor blanket is set up (LVPO, FLEX, SBPO or VB).

If a project exists in more than one fiscal year, each fiscal year will count as a separate funding source even though the Project, Sub, Type and Object Code are the same.


Low Value POs may be split only among Projects with the same Account and Fund number.

To split an order click on the ‘Split’ button, then enter the new funding source information.

Split funding example:

Split funding is a feature that is available in both Gateway and GUS.


Clicking on the ‘split’ button will change the display of the funding info area. To add a funding source, click on the ‘+’ and fill out the information in the subsequent screens.


If using an order type of VB, the additional funding type must be set up from the vendor blankets screen (Purchasing -> Vendor Blankets).

Clicking the ‘+’ button in the Vendor Blanket window will open the window to define the funding source. Clicking the ‘+’ button again (above the Funding Sources area) will allow you to define an additional funding source. funding-source