Release Notes

17.1.2 (May, 2019)

New Features

  • Personnel

    • complete overhaul to work with the new payroll system
    • title codes
    • new input forms
    • larger display with PPS terminology has been replaced with UCPath terms Commonly used First name is available (if it exists) Appointment form has Position Number new fields for ucpath specific attributes renamed fields to match ucpath naming conventions
  • Projects

    • At least one PI must have report defined
    • Corrected a permissions issue: P button was not disabled (reported by ENGR)
  • Code updated to work with 4D v17

  • Bug fixes and new features implemented throughout

  • UCPath update helper

    • Help users fill in the missing % of position data in the currently active distributions. If the appointment has a % FTE and the salary rates match between the appt and distribution and if the % FTE in the distribution is less than or equal to the % FTE in the related appointment, then a % of position will be calculated. displays the relevant appointments and lets the user edit them and their related dists. The helper is attached to the Employees Utility menu. (open the main employees screen, then look under the Utilities menu for that screen). The menu item is UCPath Update Helper.
  • Approvals

    • New copy report (to match the present print report)
  • Recharges
    • bug where saved printed reports were being stepped on by previous saved printed reports. All reports now are bundled into one output. Affects “Printed Report(s)” button as this shares the same logic.
  • SciQuest
    • Renamed to Gateway

15.7.1 (Last release on v15, July 2018)


  • Projects
    • New search fields: condition codes, award dates & funding dates
    • Improved projects listing (display in listbox is now sortable)
  • Hot list
    • New filter to limit the search to fiscal year projects
  • Payroll Approvals
    • Ability to approve records from the 4D client
    • Text box search-a-bility
  • Proposals and Awards
    • dates are checked for ‘reasonability’
    • Awards fiscal year is required when changing award increments to received

15.6 (June, 2018)

New features

Payroll Approvals module is now available in this version of GUS. Designed to allow departments to manage Kronos without involving their faculty. The tool has been fully integrated into this relase of GUS and is a functional tool that is actively being developed to meet the needs of the end users.


  • 1st release after v15 rollout

    • Find Transactions window now default the sort order in descending date entered order (GUS-601)
    • Personnel -> Hotlist -> Dists Ending report now has Supervisors drop down filterable
    • version naming: the GUS version names (in this case ‘15.6’) will now match the recommended 4D version for that release (4D version 15.6).


  • Bug Fixes

    • fixed premature file attachment document deletion when there is no such document during email report generation (GUS-672)
    • bug in the ‘finish update process’ that mistakenly created new external departments (GUS-687)

6.6.2 (June, 2017)

This will be the last release that will be compatible with 4D version 13 and we strongly suggest that you make the move to upgrade to 4D version 15. In keeping up with the 4D product lifecycle, we have made a big jump in this release of GUS and migrated the platform to 4D version 15. Since this is a significant jump (skipping verion 14) we will be happy to assist with the conversion of databases for all GUS departments and ORUs.

Here is the 4D product lifecycle:
Here is a guide to check the compatibility of your systems for 4D version 15:

New features

  • 4D Write Pro is now part of the language - 4D is now including 4D Write Pro as part of 4D (and the replacement of the 4D Write Plugin).
  • More Listboxes - there are many places in GUS where data is displayed in a tabular format (looking like a spreadsheet). This used to be accomplished by a ‘nested form’. Newer versions of 4D have been adding to the features of a component called a listbox, we have been working to replace nested forms with listboxes to give an improved user experience. Listboxes can be re-ordered by clicking on the header of a column. Columns can be reordered by dragging them around. Aside from the functionality, many testers have noted that they ‘just look better’.
  • Improvements to the Contracts and Grants workflow - It was brought to our attention that deadlines are a critical component to the submission of proposals, and GUS lacked a field for that purpose. Consequently, we added the Due Date field to the proposals section to assist in prioritizing those proposals that have not yet been submitted.


The vast majority of changes that were made for this release of GUS were improvements to the stability and reliability of the system.

  • Under certain workflows, payroll liens were not being updated on the budget side. We have built in more triggers to ensure that the liens are updated.

  • In Prep proposals are now included in the Current and Pending Report (and Export).

  • New reports sprinkled thoughout the application (one example it the Gateway PO report)

  • New search filters available (for example: search for project by agency)

  • Find transactions screen:
    • Updated listbox interface allowing for dynamic sorting of records and rearranging of columns
    • Default sort for financial transactions


There were a few corrections that were made to GUS as a result of reports from our great user community. Thank you for your continued partnership in making GUS a valuable tool.