Reports are among the most powerful (and popular) features of GUS. Reports are found on the bottom of many main screens in GUS, so this page will discuss the concepts of GUS reports and not be so specific as to any particular report. Take a look through the menus, there are a few windows that are devoted to reporting.


Copy Reports

Copy reports provide data and flexibility by placing the data from GUS into the copy buffer on your computer. After selecting a copy report, (if there is a lot of data) you may see a pop up window as the operation is processed and placed into your buffer. After the operation completes, you can open a spreadsheet editor and paste the data into a fresh sheet. From here many administrators are very comfortable analyzing the data to suit the need.


PDF Reports

There are a few places where GUS will allow users to create a report directly to PDF. However, this can be problematic on windows operating systems. If a PDF is desired, mac users can select a print report and then save the report to a PDF. If there is a PDF driver installed, windows users can follow the dame procedure.