New UCPath Employee IDs

In support of the upcoming change to employee IDs, GUS has developed two reports in GUS to help departments through this conversion process.

As you may know, when UCPath comes online this September 2018, our existing 9-digit PPS Employee IDs will be abandoned in favor of new 8-digit UCPath Employee IDs. These new 8-digit UCPath Employee IDs are not available today but they are expected to be provisioned about mid-September 2018 when UCPath begins to generate new employee and payroll records.

If your department is using the Personnel Module in GUS, especially with the Personnel Assisted Reconciliation feature, GUS would need the new UCPath Employee ID numbers before you begin your UCPath labor ledger reconciliation because GUS uses the Employee ID numbers to match a GUS employee record against a Data Warehouse employee record.

To help with this effort, GUS can help convert to the new 8-digit Employee ID numbers from existing 9-digit Employee ID numbers. But we need your help first. Let’s introduce two new menu items to the Personnel menu:

  • UCPath Export Mismatch
  • UCPath Export ID Not Found

If you are already using the Personnel Assisted Reconciliation feature in GUS and have been keeping up with your labor ledger reconciliation, there’s a good chance your GUS employee records are all set for the conversion process.


  • Now through mid-September
    • departments begin exploring both UCPath Export Mismatch and UCPath Export ID Not Found reports and make corrections to GUS as needed
  • early September
    • UCPath goes live
  • mid September
    • UCPath generates final UCPath Employee ID numbers
    • Departments run both UCPath Export Mismatch and UCPath Export ID Not Found reports one last time to determine if there are any new issues with the Employee ID conversion
    • GUS Staff reaches out to department, confirming final crosswalk
    • GUs Staff applies Employee ID conversion, moving PPS Employee IDs into a Legacy ID data field
  • October
    • Departments begin labor ledger reconciliation using new UCPath Employee ID numbers
  • Beyond October
    • New employee hires should only have 8 digit UCPath Employee ID number and should be entered into GUS
    • Historical employee rehires should be reactivated in GUS and requires manual employee ID change in GUS