A UPAY is process by which a payroll transaction (that has already hit payroll ledger) can be ‘moved’ from one project to another.


January: pay $10 to a person for 2 hours work on project A
February: submit a UPAY to move $5 (1 hour) over to project B
March: UPAY hits the ledger and all accounts look as they should (regarding the work done in December that was paid in January)

Note: UPAYs receive additional scrutiny in an audit perspective and should be strongly documented.


Select the UPAY menu item from under the Personnel menu. upays

  1. Click ‘New’ to create a new UPAY.
  2. Enter the person whose pay will need to be moved (to a different funding source).
  3. Enter the project information (from and to)
  4. Enter the expected ledger date, reason code and ‘prepared by’ information
  5. Select a line with a ‘movable’ Amount: upay-select
  6. Select destination info, and review the subs: upay-review
  7. Click ‘Post’
  8. Click ‘Print’ to get a printed copy of the official UPAY 773 form with all the required information filled in: upay-773

At this point you can visit the UPAY Screen (or the Payroll Post/Reconcile Screen) to see the record of the UPAY.