User Mangement


GUS was designed to be run by a department with limited resources and limited support. There are many ways that departments can take care of without needing to create a support request.

User Management

To create, edit or remove a user from your GUS database, you will need to open the user management window.

Choose edit access from the utilities menu item.



If the window is greyed out, the user that you are logged in as does not have permission to perform the user management actions. Be sure to log in as the Administrator if that is the case. Someone from each dept. should know the Administrator login.

To add a user

Click the + button under the user list

To remove a user

Select the user on the left and click the - button under the user list

To edit a user

Select the user, then edit their permissions by clecking (or unchecking) the boxes on the right.

Changing your own password

From the utilities menu, choose Change password.

Provide the requested information in the pop-up window..