There is a large subset of GUS financial data which can be accessible to authenticated users via the web. There are three areas of data that are available on the web:

  1. Financial: summary of projects, financial statements, audit trails, outstanding liens, unreconciled reports, award conditions
  2. Payroll: payroll summary, payroll by project, payroll by person
  3. Purchasing: order history, new purchase order, duplicate order, edit order

The data is available to authenticated users who have ‘read-only’ access, to one or more of the three web areas. This is a compelling way to provide access to GUS financial data to interested parties without the need to purchase a GUS licese for each of them.


To start using GUS on the web, the department will need to purchase a 4D web license and have it installed on their server.


There is no additional work needed to make GUS data available (in real-time) on the web. Administrative staff will want to be mindful of which fields are visible to web users, so that internal notes are not published.